The prevention of fraud

For DomGame Casino, it is extremely important to detect and prevent fraud. We are working hard to detect any kind of fraud or illegal activity that might be carried out on the site. To secure all online operations, we have taken different prevention measures. We will never tolerate any type of unlawful activity. The account will be immediately suspended, winning will be forfeited and criminal and/or civil action will be taken against the fraudulent player, if any fraud should be detected. We make every effort to prevent fraud when activating a new account and handling a new transaction. This is why you be asked to provide some of the following data or information:

- A current photo ID (a photocopy will be requested)
- A photocopy of the front and back part of the credit card used when depositing in the site
- A photocopy of the statement of your credit card, where your address, credit card number and name are shown
- An authorization for the use of the credit card signed by the player

To secure all electronic financial transactions we use prevention methods, like deposits and withdrawals carried out in through the system. We hope you understand any inconvenience that may be caused by these procedures.