About DomGame Casino

So you ended up in the right place, at the right time. Not everyone gets that lucky; you know this, right? Don himself welcomes you into his family, and you’ll become an essential member of our friendly clan. You’re going to love it here, we have cozy family meetings by the fireplace and play poker. Well, not really! You seriously bought it? We’re mafia, we mean business, money, winnings, and fun. And an online casino is an absolutely perfect place for this!
So you wanna get yourself a few lil privileges from the Godfather, and we all gonna tell you how to do it fast for sure! Start your way up from an associate, go through the initiation ceremony (don’t worry, this ain’t gonna be too painful), become a soldato, and then your career of a professional Mafioso is gonna skyrocket. Caporegime, Consigliere, The Boss - go through these stages and the biggest award out there will be waiting for you. You’ll become Don Game himself with endless privileges and hundreds of servants. Fine, well maybe, forget the servants; but we guarantee you the rest for sure! Are you ready?

Fair Gaming

Since our team has already sworn our blood brother’s oath to serve the Godfather, you can be absolutely sure that we treat our mafia code of honor with the same level of respect as the fair gaming codex! So the DomGame Casino team is using the most modern and effective techniques which provide the utmost level of security for our customers’ sensitive data. Fair gaming is an ultimate condition of DomGame’s operating, and our team provides players with an easy, immediate access to the information about the processes of playing, depositing, and withdrawing.
The DomGame’s fair gaming policy is based on the implementation of the Random Number Generator, a specifically developed computer program which ensures the Casino has absolutely no control over customers’ chances of winning.

Responsible Gaming

Gambling is a fun and safe activity if you are confident about your level of self-control. And since DomGame Casino has a transparent, fair policy and is aimed at both entertaining and healthy gaming habits, we’re providing our customers with an opportunity of self-exclusion. If the customer feels a gambling problem is taking place, they can apply for a self-exclusion policy at the casino. In order to disable your account, please contact a customer support service via email, live chat or a phone call so we can permanently lock your DomGame account.
Customers are also given an opportunity to limit their playing budget, by addressing the customer service team with such a request. You can set up any financial allowance and time frame that you find convenient.
DomGame Casino is responsible for creating a safe environment for all customers, so our team is putting extra effort into preventing underage gamblers from playing at the Casino. In order to make your time at DomGame even more enjoyable and trouble-free, please make sure to follow our recommendations about any players whose computers are accessible to minors.
Please don’t leave your computer unattended if children are around; and keep your credit cards, username, and password out of their reach too. Take the time to instruct youngsters about potential inconveniences that may be caused by illegal underage gambling. The most efficient way to prevent any disturbances is installing child protection software. Our team is kindly asking you to inform our customer support service in case you spot any cases of underage gambling on the casino platform.
If you’re interested in more information about the topic of responsible gambling, please visit the following websites:

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