Please check all the information regarding the procedure of making a deposit and withdrawal below. To assure all transactions are 100% secure, we use state of the art SSL Technology to digitally encrypt all transactions and provide you with the highest level of security available. Should you encounter any difficulties during, or have any questions regarding the deposit or withdrawal process, please feel free to contact our 24/7 Support Center at all times.


DomGame Team does its best to make depositing straightforward and easy. Visa and MasterCard are accepted as our first priority deposit method while other popular payment options such as Skrill and Neteller are available depending on the player’s location. Players are advised to check the cashier on their side for the updated list of available deposit methods. The full list can be found below in the table:
Deposit Methods Min Amount Max Amount Funding
Visa $25 $1,000 Immediate funding
Mastercard $25 $1,000 Immediate funding
Bitcoin $25 Unlimited Unlimited Immediate funding. For more details, please contact our Live Chat Agents
Amex $25 $1,000 Immediate funding
Discovery $25 $1,000 Immediate funding
*please be kindly informed that processing transaction might be a subject to pass through fees that are charged for international purchases.
Please note that players must undergo a short verification process over the phone with the DomGame Customer Support Center upon their first deposit. This is done for the security reasons and to assure that all the details that were provided are full and valid.
Players may also assign a deposit limit to their account at any time by contacting their personal account manager. Deposit limits can only be increased 24 hours after a player’s last deposit limit request was received on our side.


Upon sending a withdrawal request, the player is asked to send the proper identifying documents in order to verify the account and ensure that all the information posted is full and correct. This is also done for the security purposes and to protect the player’s funds before sending a withdrawal. Please be advised that the withdrawal sum will remain on your playable balance until all the documents are received, checked, and approved.
We strongly advise you to confirm that all the details on the form are correct before sending you send the forms to [email protected].
The required identification documentation includes, but is not limited to:
  • The filled out, signed and dated Payment Verification Form;
  • Photo of ID (back and front in color);
  • Photo of the credit card used (back and front in color). Company requires only first 6 and last 4 digits, expiry date and card holder's name on the front to verify it in the system with the card holderʼs signature on the back;
  • Credit Card Authorization Agreement (should be provided for each and every card successfully used for transactions with the Casino prior to the withdrawal. The Casino reserves the right to cancel any withdrawal request in case the Player fails to provide any of aforementioned Authorization Agreements).
  • Utility bill (or any other official document, containing playerʼs current physical address and full name on it), issued within 3 (three) months.
Please submit the documents to [email protected]
Please be advised that the verification process may take up to 3 business days (Monday through Friday). For any enquiry or guidance through the process, please contact us at +1 855 204 2087. Please be advised that any mistake or omission might delay the payment process.
Please be advised that your withdrawal sum will remain in your playable account until all the proper security checks are completed. While this might slow down the withdrawal process slightly it is done solely for your benefit.
Once your withdrawal request is sent you will receive the option to provide us with your preferred payment method. We strongly advise all player to contact our finance department or their personal account manager and consult with them regarding the payment option upon every withdrawal request.
While we always try to process payments through the player preferred payment method, we reserve the right to alter in occasions other payment methods are more viable. Min amount for withdrawal requests starts from $100. Max amount for withdrawal may vary depending on the payment method selected. For more information please consult the table below: To make a withdrawal request you must log in to your DomGame account and visit the cashier section of the site. Under the cashier section select the “Withdrawal” section to request for a withdrawal. You may only request for a withdrawal after your documents are verified and approved by our finance department.
Please note that bonuses are not applicable to you as long as you have a pending withdrawal request or in process. Upon completion or cancelation of your withdrawal request you will become eligible to receive bonuses. Players may reverse and cancel their withdrawal request at any given time.
Withdrawal request may take up to 7 business days (Monday through Friday) to process.
Withdrawal Methods Min Amount Max Amount per week Payout Request Funding
Credit card Visa $100 $2,000 1 p/week Payments processed within up to 7 business days, (Monday through Friday).
Credit card Mastercard $100 $2,000 1 p/week Payments processed within up to 7 business days, (Monday through Friday).
Bank Wire Wire $100 $2,000 1 p/week Payments processed within up to 7 business days, (Monday through Friday).
While DomGame does not charge any fee for any of the payment methods offered, the player might be subjected to processing fees from his payment processor or bank.
Please be advised that withdrawal amount paid or processed to players on a weekly or monthly basis may vary due to certain 3rd party processing limitations or policies. (Please consult the table under section 5.1.7 in our General Terms and Conditions for more information). DomGame Online Casino reserves the right to transfer players winnings in installments depending on their player class.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I place a deposit?
You can find the deposit options under the “Deposit” area. Simply navigate to your cashier and choose your preferred deposit method: Visa or MasterCard. More deposit options may be applicable and appear according to the player’s location. Please take into consideration that each time when you are making a transaction the system sends you the automatic notification to your email box with the amount placed and the online merchant that you will see on your card statement for this specific transaction.
What is the minimum amount of deposit?
The minimum amount of deposit is equal to $25.
How do I withdraw my winning?
In order to request a withdrawal you would need to provide the relevant documentation for account verification. This is a standard and necessary procedure required by international banking regulations and casino license. The full list of required withdrawal documentation can be found above in “Withdrawals” section of Banking or in our Terms and Conditions. Once your documents are received and approved (you will receive the relevant email form our Finance Department), you are welcome to request a payout in your cashier, “Withdraw” tab, by following two easy steps.
Why do I need to submit documentation in order to make a withdrawal?
To ensure that your data is secured and that your funds remain protected, DomGame may request you to provide it with identifying documents upon making a withdrawal. This is done to ensure the accuracy of the banking info. The usual procedure of documents approval takes up to 4 business days. To check the list of required withdrawal documentations please consult the “Banking” tab.
How long does it take for me to receive my withdrawal?
It may take up to 3 business days after you present us with the proper withdrawal documentations until they are fully processed and approved. To check the list of required withdrawal documentations please consult the “Banking” tab. Once all the documents provided are approved, DomGame will start processing your withdrawal request. It usually takes between 3-7 business days. Once the withdrawal request has been processed and approved, the player will be notified regarding his/her withdrawal status via e-mail. Please note that it may take up to 7-10 business days after for the money to reach your credit card/bank account due to international fund transfer time.
How do I know my request for payout has been received?
Once your request is successfully made, it will appear in Cashier - History – Withdrawals with a status “PROCESSING” or “VERIFICATION”. Our Finance Department will get back to you with more information details in regards to your current approved withdrawal. Please take into consideration that the company doesn’t charge any kind of processing fees upon withdrawal approval.
Why was my withdrawal denied?
Our Finance Department may reject withdrawals in case if any of the terms have been violated. Please contact Customer Support for more information.
How can I reverse my withdrawals?
If you have already requested for a withdrawal and you wish to reverse your request you must head to the cashier section and select “Reversible Withdrawal” and confirm the action. If you are encountering any difficulties please contact our 24/7 live chat to assist you during the process.
Withdrawal Limits
Please take into consideration that one pay out request can be placed per week. Withdrawal amount is limited from $100 up to $2000 a week. Should you have any further questions, they might be discussed with your personal account manager. We recommend you to contact your personal account manager If you wish to discuss any VIP conditions.
Am I required to withdraw my money before I log out of the casino?
There is no need for players to withdraw their funds upon logging off. The DomGame casino servers are always active and update your saved account balance automatically and regularly.

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